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Entries in chemistry (25)


Video Demo: Activation Energy

Energy is needed to start a chemical reaction.  Unsurprisingly this is called activation energy.  The video above shows the activation needed to make red phosphorus react with oxygen in the air.  


Video Demo: Water Electrolysis

I recently presented at the CSTA Conference and I was able to pick up a few new demonstrations.  In the past it was really difficult to demonstrate or do a lab activity that involved the electrolysis of water.  Luckily I sat in on Tara Krisch's (Orange Grove Middle School) presentation on compounds.  She shared a simple way for students to do water electrolysis.  The second demo also shows electrolysis, but in a slightly more colorful way.  


Video Demo: Sugar Goo

Thirty ml of sugar (sucrose) (C12H22O11) is mixed with 30 ml of sulfuric acid (H2SO4).  A chemical reaction takes place to produce carbon, water (H2O) and sulfur trioxide (SO3).  It's a fun chemical reaction to observe because there are dramatic changes in color, smell (make sure good ventilation is present), and temperature (so much heat is released that it melts the plastic cup).  Gases are also produced which add to the drama.


Video Demo: Magnesium Reacts with Oxygen

This is a short video demo and explanation of how magnesium reacts with oxygen.


Video Demo: Water Up!

This a favorite demo of mine that I have recently re-shot in HD.  It's a dramatic demonstration of how the rapid condensation of water can create a vacuum.

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