I made ScienceFix.com to share my favorite demos that I do in my middle school science classes.  

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  • Something Funny Happened on the Way to the Moon
    Something Funny Happened on the Way to the Moon
    by Sara Howard
  • NOVA - Origins
    NOVA - Origins
    starring Neil Degrasse Tyson
  • Human Body: Pushing the Limits
    Human Body: Pushing the Limits
    starring Bray Poor

Entries in NGSS (2)


Teachers Being Students: Doing Science-From Observations to Results

At the beginning of the school year I like to introduce my 8th graders to think like a scientist. I give students an Ob-Scertainer (http://www.flinnsci.com/store/Scripts... ). It's a great way to discuss what observations, predictions, hypotheses and results are. It also leads to a good discussion of the significance of results. I want to thank the teachers that volunteered to be my "students" for this video.


Teachers Being Students: How Many Molecules Are in a Drop of Water?

Middle school students are often afraid of being perceived as stupid when trying to solve problems in class. When they see adults, in this case their teachers, go through the same struggles, they are more willing in the future to test and share their ideas. I want to thank the very courageous non-science teachers at my school for volunteering to be a part of this video. This activity covers NGSS practices: (2) Developing and using models. (5) Using mathematics and computational thinking. It also covers the NGSS crosscutting concepts: (3) Scale, proportion, and quantity.